Fast backup saves your stuff.
Bootable recovery saves your time.

Carbon Copy Cloner backups are better than ordinary backups. Suppose the unthinkable happens while you're under deadline to finish a project — your Mac is unresponsive and all you hear is an ominous, repetitive clicking noise coming from its hard drive. With ordinary backups, you'll spend your day rushing out to a store to buy a new hard drive and then sit in front of your computer reinstalling the operating system and restoring data.

With Carbon Copy Cloner, your data and the operating system's data are all preserved impeccably on a bootable volume, ready for production at a moment's notice. When disaster strikes, simply boot from your backup and get back to business. Replace the failed hard drive at your convenience, and then restore all of your stuff in one easy step.

Any backup application can save your stuff. A CCC bootable backup will save your productivity as well!



  • A Better Bootable Backup — your data, the operating system's data, all preserved impeccably on a bootable volume, ready for production at a moment's notice
  • Simplest method to migrate to a new hard drive (larger or smaller), especially if you have lost your original Mac OS X Installation DVD
  • Support for block-level disk-to-disk clones for super-fast upgrades
  • Clone Apple's proprietary "Recovery HD" volume (Lion+)
Incremental backup
  • Smarter & faster — Subsequent backups copy only the items that have changed since the last backup
  • Merciful default settings protect against accidental loss of files on the destination
  • Back up to hard drives, network shares or to disk images
Scheduled Tasks
  • Schedule backup tasks on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Configure a backup task to run when the backup device is (re)attached to your Mac
  • Convenient "Defer or Skip" features allow you to dynamically reschedule or skip a backup that occurs at an inopportune time
  • Email notifications keep you on top of your backups
  • CCC can wake or power on your Mac to perform backups at night, then put your Mac back to sleep or shut it down when finished
  • Back up to another Macintosh on your home network or across the Internet
  • Back up to a disk image with optional encryption
  • Back up to and from network shares
General Features
  • Simple interface for indicating exactly what to back up
  • Restore using the same process used for backup
  • Backups are non-proprietary, so you can browse them or use them with Migration Assistant
  • "Cloning Coach" offers proactive configuration advice and expert troubleshooting guidance when hardware or filesystem errors occur
  • Graceful handling of files that are unreadable due to media damage, "bad sectors"

Try the complete feature set of CCC for 30 days before purchasing it. Use that time to explore CCC's automated, incremental backup functionality, make a bootable backup, move your digital life to a new hard drive and get peace of mind.