Announcing Carbon Copy Cloner 4!

I introduced Carbon Copy Cloner on January 18, 2002. That was such an exciting time -- Mac OS X was so new, nobody else had figured out how to clone it, and many people thought it was impossible. I love to surprise people! Over the past 12 years, CCC has grown into more than just a basic cloning tool, it's now a feature-rich backup application with support for backing up to and from network volumes and disk images, copying between folders, even cloning across the Internet to another Mac.

As exciting as the last 12 years have been, it doesn't compare to how excited I am to announce our biggest release ever: Carbon Copy Cloner 4! In the past 18 months we've torn CCC down to studs and completely rebuilt it on top of modern OS X facilities. We've added many features that our users have been requesting -- editing scheduled tasks, simpler settings, a menubar application for quick access to information about backup tasks, detailed task history and so much more.

CCC 4 New Interface

If you're running Mountain Lion or later (yes, Yosemite too), you can download CCC 4 and try it yourself, I know you're going to love it!

Upgrade Pricing

We're offering a very generous lookback period for people that purchased a CCC 3 license recently. If you purchased a license since Apple previewed the Yosemite OS on June 2, 2014, your upgrade pricing is $FREE! Simply download CCC 4 and open it. Upon discovering your CCC 3 license, CCC 4 will request that your new license be sent to you via email.

For people that purchased a CCC 3 license prior to June 2, 2014, you can purchase an upgrade at 50% of the list price ($19.99 USD). Again, download CCC 4 and open it. When CCC detects your v3 license, it will automatically retrieve a coupon that you can use to purchase CCC 4 at the upgrade price. If you don't see this pricing automatically, check your license for eligibility here.

CCC and Yosemite

Carbon Copy Cloner 4 has seen over 18 months of development and thousands of hours of beta testing. We have a rigorous QA procedure that involves automatically-performed unit tests and over 450 tests that must be performed manually under specific test conditions. These tests are time consuming, so we perform the complete qualification on production operating systems only. CCC is fully qualified on Mountain Lion and Mavericks.

Yosemite is still a beta product. Based on experience with past OS X releases, we feel strongly that cloning and backup software should not be used on new OSes until it has actually been tested on the new OS. While that seems like a common-sense statement, it’s apparently not a common practice. That’s our policy, though, so when you open CCC 4 on Yosemite, CCC will report that it isn’t yet qualified on Yosemite. As it turns out, Yosemite introduces some filesystem changes that require special handling, and older software may fumble those changes. We've addressed that particular issue in CCC 4, and based on our preliminary testing, CCC 4 seems to be doing well on Yosemite, with just a handful of cosmetic issues that we'll sort out between now and Yosemite's general release date.

So, you can run CCC 4 on Yosemite, but support is provisional. When Apple makes a production build of Yosemite available to developers, we'll run CCC 4 through our gauntlet of tests, address any problems, then release a fully qualified update to CCC 4 on or before the date at which Apple publishes Yosemite on the App Store.

Press Release

In the media? Please see our full Press Release here.