Purchasing CCC

Bombich Software Sales Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing an Upgrade for Carbon Copy Cloner 5

Will my CCC 3.5 or 4 license work with CCC 5?

No, CCC 5 requires a new license. However, if you purchased a CCC 4 license on or after May 22, 2017, we will grant you a FREE license for CCC 5. Household and Pro licenses purchased prior to May 22, 2017 are eligible for upgrade pricing.

If I pay for CCC now, will I have to pay for future updates?

When updates consist of minor improvements and fixes (e.g. bug fixes, going from version 5.0 to 5.1, etc.), they are always free to licensed users.

How much does Carbon Copy Cloner cost and how can I purchase it?


A household license of Carbon Copy Cloner 5 costs $39.99 USD plus any applicable local taxes. In some countries, we offer a pre-set price in local currency in order to allow a greater number of payment types. In other countries, the price in local currency is calculated at the time of sale and depends upon the current exchange rate with USD.

Do you offer a volume licensing program?

Yes, you can save your organization money with volume licensing.

We offer multi-user license pricing for Carbon Copy Cloner. Volume licensing is open to anyone purchasing 5 or more licenses of Carbon Copy Cloner. A volume license agreement includes:

Do you offer an academic discount?

We offer a 25% academic discount.

Who is eligible?

To qualify for Bombich Software education pricing, you MUST be an Eligible Educational End User:

Can I use one license of CCC on multiple Macs in my household?

Yes, the CCC License allows you to install and use Carbon Copy Cloner on any computer that you own or control for personal, noncommercial use. If you're using CCC commercially or institutionally, check out our Corporate or Academic purchasing options.

How does the free 30-day trial work?

You can try the complete feature set of CCC for 30 days before purchasing it (no features are disabled during the trial). We encourage you to use that time to explore CCC's automated, incremental backup functionality and make a bootable backup.

Download the latest and greatest version of Carbon Copy Cloner.

Do you offer telephone support?

We do not staff an incoming telephone support desk.

Why isn't CCC on the Mac App Store?

We would love to add the Mac App Store as a distribution channel for CCC, but there are certain classes of applications that do not meet the policy requirements imposed by Apple. Unless Apple changes these policies, you will never see a utility that can make a bootable backup of OS X on the Mac App Store. You can send Apple some feedback about this policy, but judging from the absence of the Mac App Store from Apple's Feedback page, and Apple's pertinacious position on this matter, we don't anticipate a change in this policy.