Using CCC

Leveraging Snapshots on APFS Volumes

What is a snapshot?

Notes for VoiceOver users

CCC's main window is divided into three main sections. At the top is a toolbar, and beneath that there is a split pane divided vertically. The view on the left is called the sidebar, the view on the right holds the task configuration view. When you open CCC for the first time, the sidebar is hidden. The sidebar is automatically revealed when you add a new task.

How to find out when a backup last ran: CCC Task History

To find out when a backup task last ran, click on the Carbon Copy Cloner icon in your menubar, then move the mouse over the submenu of the task you would like to inspect. The submenu for each task will indicate when the task last ran, the status of that last run, and when the task is scheduled to run next (if applicable). Select Show task history... to open CCC and view more detail about the previous times that that task has run.

Show task history menu item

The Disk Center

CCC's Disk Center shows general volume information for each locally-attached volume mounted on your Mac, as well as read and write rate and error statistics for those volumes. Select a volume in CCC's sidebar (click "Show Sidebar" in the toolbar if it is hidden) to view that volume in the Disk Center. CCC also shows any backup tasks that are associated with the selected volume. Simply click the Clone button to run a selected task, or double-click the task to edit the task.

Simple Mode

Simple Mode significantly reduces the number of user interface elements — the sidebar, toolbar, scheduling selector, and advanced settings are all suppressed, leaving the user with only three primary controls: Source, Destination, Clone button. For users that desire a basic ad hoc clone from one volume to another and do not want to maintain scheduled tasks, this simplified interface is the perfect solution. To use Simple Mode, choose Simple Mode from the Carbon Copy Cloner menu.

Protecting data that is already on your destination volume: The Carbon Copy Cloner SafetyNet

In a typical backup scenario, you have a disk that is dedicated to the task of backing up your startup disk, and you expect the contents of the backup disk to match the contents of the source exactly. In many cases, though, people see lots of extra space on a big 3TB disk and can't resist using it for "overflow" items — large video files, archives of old stuff, maybe your iMovie Library.

Monitoring backup tasks with the CCC menubar application

The Carbon Copy Cloner menubar application

CCC's menubar application gives you quick access to your tasks so that you can quickly determine their status, see which tasks are running, and start, stop, or defer a particular task.

How to verify or test your backup

Attach the backup volume to your computer

Open the Startup Disk Preferences

System Preferences > Startup Disk

Open the Startup Disk Preferences

Select the backup volume

After clicking the lock in the lower lefthand corner, select the backup volume that you would like to verify. Click Restart.

How to set up your first backup

movie icon Watch a video of this tutorial on YouTube

Attach the backup disk to your computer

See the Choosing a backup volume section for additional advice on this subject.

Format the disk

Before you can use a new disk for a backup of macOS, you must first initialize it with the correct format using the Disk Utility application.

How to set up a scheduled backup

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Configure the Task

Configure CCC as if you were going to run a backup task immediately, selecting your Source and Destination. Click the dotted box below the Schedule heading to view the scheduling options.


Configure the Task