This article is for an older version of CCC. You can find the latest version here.

Occasionally, a scheduled task will run at the most inconvenient time. Perhaps you are under deadline and don't have the patience for the hard drive performance hit of a system-wide backup. Or perhaps you are just about to pack up and hit the road. If you ever find the need to cancel a scheduled task at a particular time, CCC gives you two options for maintaining your backup regimen: 1) skip this particular scheduled run time or 2) defer this scheduled task to a specific time in the future.

When you skip a task, CCC will run the backup at the next scheduled interval. Deferring gives you more flexibility. Suppose that all you need are another twenty minutes to finish a project. Click defer and wind the clock forward twenty minutes — CCC will run the task again at the specified time. Or suppose you realize that you forgot to bring your backup drive to work with you today and you have a scheduled task that runs every other hour. Rather than getting reminded of this four times, simply defer the backup to tomorrow.

Additionally, CCC offers you the option of permanently rescheduling a backup task. If, after a week or so, you realize that the originally scheduled time is really just too inconvenient, you can modify the start time in the defer panel by checking the box to "Reschedule all future events for this time of day". For more significant modifications to your backup scheduled, launch CCC and choose "Scheduled Tasks" from the Carbon Copy Cloner menu to edit your task.