Carbon Copy Cloner 4 Showcases a Redesigned Interface, Menubar Application, Task History and More


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Carbon Copy Cloner 4 Showcases a Redesigned Interface, Menubar Application, Task History and More

Longmeadow, MA - October 2, 2014 - Bombich Software has released Carbon Copy Cloner 4, an upgrade to its bootable backup software for OS X. The upgrade features a completely redesigned interface, editing of scheduled tasks, task history, a menubar application, task chaining, a command-line application option and includes hundreds of improvements and fixes.

Carbon Copy Cloner 4 also includes a migration tool that can update existing Carbon Copy Cloner 3.5 tasks for use with CCC 4.

Carbon Copy Cloner 4 retails for $39.99 USD (Personal and Household license); a Pro License for technicians is $100 USD. Volume discounts are available.

Upgrades from earlier Personal & Household versions are $19.99 USD, and free to users who purchased on or after June 2, 2014. All volume license customers that are currently enrolled in our Maintenance program will also receive Carbon Copy Cloner 4 free of charge.

Carbon Copy Cloner 4 requires OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later and offers provisional support for Apple’s Yosemite Beta OS. A full-featured thirty day trial version is available at

What's New in Carbon Copy Cloner 4

  • Redesigned Interface | An intuitive interface that puts the most-used features at your fingertips. Configuring a backup task is far simpler -- complex settings are hidden by default, but accessible at the click of a button. The sidebar and toolbar can be hidden or revealed to control the number of options presented at once.
  • More Efficient | The disk center, scheduled tasks, and the main window have been unified. Tasks can be saved, scheduled, and edited, all in the main window. Drag and drop source and destination volumes directly onto CCC.
  • Simple View | New simple view available that allows you to clear the visual clutter and clone in three clicks. Source > Destination > Clone.
  • Revised and updated all localizations (English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese) and added Spanish.
  • Edit scheduled tasks
  • Task History | Quickly view when your tasks have run and if they were successful. Filter the list by task name, source volume, destination volume, or run date. Receive detailed information and advice on tasks that encountered errors.
  • Menu Bar App | Keep tabs on currently running backup tasks, create a new task, stop a running task, or run a scheduled task – all from the menu bar. When a task is running, the menubar application icon changes and a simple progress indicator next to each task indicates how far along it is. Last run date and status, as well as the next run date are clearly displayed.
  • Task Chaining | Tasks can be chained together to form more complex backup routines.
  • Command Line Application | A command-line application is now included that allows you to start, stop, and watch the progress of your CCC backup tasks.
  • Task Migration | A task migration assistant will help you migrate your CCC 3.5 tasks to CCC 4.
  • SafetyNet | Create a bootable clone of your hard drive, but also keep copies of recently deleted and changed files – just in case.
  • Email Notifications | Configure your email account settings once and use across multiple tasks. There are also new ways to customize CCC’s email notifications.
  • Additional Task Scheduling Options | Run tasks hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you connect your backup drive. Tasks can be also limited to running only on weekdays or weekends. By default tasks will not start if a laptop is running on battery power, and the task will start as soon as AC power is restored.
  • Administrators Only Need to Authenticate Once | Authentication is no longer required every time you want to run a task. CCC will require authentication once for an administrative user, and then that user will have one-click access to starting, stopping, and configuring tasks. Non-administrative users will be required to authenticate with administrator credentials to start, stop, or modify CCC backup tasks.
  • Knowledge Base Improved | We have rewritten our entire knowledge base and added many visually-rich quick start guides.
  • Localized documentation | We now offer an essential part of our knowledge base in German, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.
  • Hundreds of fixes and improvements

Detailed release notes can be found at

Carbon Copy Cloner 4 features

  • Creating bootable Mac backups since 2002
  • Ability to clone Apple's Recovery HD volume
  • Smarter updates for faster backups - update only the files that have been added or modified since your last backup
  • Back up to local volumes, network volumes or disk images
  • Back up external volumes to other external volumes, network volumes or disk images
  • Non-proprietary backups for simple access to your backup data
  • Default settings protect against accidental loss of files on the destination
  • Uniquely extensive error handling offering recognition of dozens of error patterns with useful advice for dealing with each problem to ensure the integrity of your data
  • Schedule your backups to occur automatically
  • Install on every computer in your home with our Household License
  • Available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch and Spanish
  • Get rapid, insightful support from our expanded support team

System Requirements

OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and later.

Carbon Copy Cloner 4 Pricing

Personal and Household License (non-commercial home use, all computers in household included): $39.99 USD; $45.99 CAD; 34- €; £26 GBP; $45.99 AUD; 300kr SEK; 245kr DKK; 40 CHF; $51.99 NZD; ¥4500 YEN Business License (commercial use, per computer): $39.99 USD; $45.99 CAD; 34- €; £26 GBP; $45.99 AUD; 300kr SEK; 245kr DKK; 40 CHF; $51.99 NZD; ¥4500 YEN

Volume Discount: starts at $175 USD for 5 users

Single user upgrade from earlier versions of Carbon Copy Cloner: 50% discount off current price; $19.99 USD; $22.99 CAD; 17- €; £18 GBP; $22.99 AUD; 150kr SEK; 123kr DKK; 20 CHF; $25.99 NZD; ¥2250 YEN

(Free upgrade for purchases made on or after June 2, 2014.)

For more information about Carbon Copy Cloner 4, please visit


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A demo of Carbon Copy Cloner 4 for Mac OS X is available for free download at


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