Purchasing an upgrade for Carbon Copy Cloner 4

3.5 to CCC 4

Geben Sie Ihren Registrierungscode ein, um Ihren Preisnachlass zu erhalten.(Beim Kauf zwischen dem 2. Juni 2014 und 1. Oktober 2014 geben Sie hier Ihren Code ein, um eine kostenlose Lizenz von Version 4 per E-Mail zu erhalten.)

Will my CCC 3.5 license work with CCC 4?

No, CCC 4 requires a new license. However, if you purchased a CCC 3.5 license on or after June 2, 2014, we will grant you a FREE license for CCC 4. Individual and Pro licenses purchased prior to June 2, 2014 are eligible for upgrade pricing.

I purchased a license for CCC 3.5 on or after June 2, 2014. How do I get my FREE CCC 4 license?

When you open CCC 4 for the first time, it will attempt to retrieve your new license using the details from your CCC 3.5 license. If this succeeds, you will receive an email containing your new license and details for applying the new license to CCC 4. If this does not occur (e.g. because your system can't be connected to the Internet), provide your CCC 3.5 license details in the form at the top of this page to retrieve your CCC 4 license.

What licenses are eligible for upgrade pricing?

CCC 3.5 Individual and Pro licenses are eligible for upgrade pricing.

What licenses are not eligible for upgrade pricing?

Legacy licenses such as a Department or Site license, as well as licenses purchased under the Volume License Program are not eligible for upgrade pricing. The Volume Licensing Program offers a Maintenance option which provides a comparable (or better) discount to upgrade pricing.

Can I apply an EDU discount to my upgrade purchase?

No, additional discounts cannot be applied to upgrade pricing.

How do I purchase a license for CCC 4 at upgrade pricing?

If you are (or were) using a registered copy of CCC, download and open CCC 4. CCC 4 will recognize your CCC 3.5 license and check it for upgrade eligibility. If our automated system can determine that it is eligible for upgrade pricing, CCC will retrieve a coupon code that will automatically be applied to your in-app purchase.

You can also enter your CCC 3.5 license code into the form at the top of this page to retrieve a coupon code that can be applied to our online store. If you have any problems with or questions about purchasing an upgrade, please don't hesitate to contact us for help.

What are the system requirements for Carbon Copy Cloner 4?

CCC 4 requires OS X Mountain Lion, Mavericks, or Yosemite (when available). If your Mac's OS is Snow Leopard or Lion, you can continue to use CCC 3.5 to maintain your backups -- you do not need to purchase an upgrade. While we will no longer provide updates to CCC 3.5, we will continue to support that version of CCC.

My Mac is too old for CCC 4. If I purchase a license for CCC 4, will that work with CCC 3.5?

Yes! If you purchase a license for CCC 4, that license will be recognized by CCC 3.5.4 or later. If you upgrade your Mac to Mountain Lion, Mavericks, or Yosemite at a later date, you can upgrade to CCC 4 and continue to use your CCC 4 license.

Will I be able to run CCC 3.5 on Yosemite?

No. Due to architectural limitations, we are unable to update CCC 3.5 to support new features and functionality on OS X Yosemite. We are grateful that CCC 3.x was able to support so many OSes over the years, but the last couple OS releases have made it clear that major changes would be necessary to continue supporting Apple's yearly-published future releases.

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