Simple Mode

This documentation is for an older version of CCC. You can find the latest version here.
Last updated on October 14, 2021

Simple Mode significantly reduces the number of user interface elements — the sidebar, toolbar, scheduling selector, and advanced settings are all suppressed, leaving the user with only three primary controls: Source, Destination, Start button. For users that desire a basic ad hoc copy from one volume to another and do not want to maintain scheduled tasks, this simplified interface is the perfect solution. To use Simple Mode, choose Simple Mode from the Carbon Copy Cloner menu.

Enable simple mode via the Carbon Copy Cloner menu

Configuring a backup task in Simple Mode

  1. Choose a source
  2. Choose a destination
  3. Click the Start button
Simple mode offers very basic settings

Related Documentation

Can I choose a network volume? How do I schedule this backup? Can I exclude items from the backup task?

Simple mode aims to simplify basic backup tasks. For additional options, choose Standard Mode from the Carbon Copy Cloner menu to switch back to standard mode.

For the curious, Simple Mode tasks run with the same default settings as tasks created in Standard Mode: SafetyNet is enabled, and the contents of the SafetyNet folder will be pruned when free space on the destination drops below 25GB. CCC will automatically adjust this pruning limit as necessary. When in Simple Mode, your source and destination choices will not be saved between launches of CCC. Every time you open CCC, the source and destination will be empty. Additionally, CCC must remain open while a task is running — if you quit CCC, a running task will be stopped (after a confirmation prompt).