Praise for Carbon Copy Cloner

I’d like to take this opportunity to say I’ve been extremely happy with Carbon Copy Cloner and Bombich Software over the four years I’ve been a customer. CCC is a truly outstanding piece of crafted software with top-notch support (I love the integrated help and support features) offered by a reliable and professionally-run company. Well done.

Brian H.

This is the most comprehensive level of application support I have ever received in my 36 years of personal computer involvement.

Martin K.

I have probably said it before, but I say again: CCC is a first rate piece of software, with excellent support and a comprehensive and complete user manual.

Ed B.

I've used CCC for 4 years to back up my precious Adobe Lightroom photography Catalog. Thank you for creating such a reliable way for me to back my images up with confidence.

Albert R.

Your hard work and dedication (to pursuit of perfection) clearly shows in CCC. If it’s not perfect, I don’t know why. I’ve had numerous backup softwares. None of them held/hold a candle to CCC!

Wayne C.

I can't praise Carbon Copy Cloner enough. It's such an elegant solution to backup essentials. The program has never failed me. I have total confidence in it, and rely on it for my peace of mind.

William Jobes, Star Power Pictures

The customer support is OUTSTANDING. One can tell which companies value their customers. When I had used another backup software, I kept getting error messages. Customer support blamed me for the errors. I SWITCHED TO BOMBICH. I received a very nice email message stating that it appeared that the problem was that the external hard drive was failing. Problem solved. New drive. Everything works great now.


As a server admin, Carbon Copy Cloner let me sleep at night! Not only was it 100% accurate, but it was also “Apple” simple to make it work. Set it and forget it!

Carol P.

I just wanted to say thank you for such brilliant software. It's saved me many times and is worth every penny!

Joff D.

It is so easy, so reliable. Everyone says to back up, but we know many do not. CCC makes it not only almost effortless, but enjoyable. Not only do the developers update concisely, but the technical support people are commendably responsive and knowledgeable. I have never had technical “problems” but I have had a few questions, and I got answers quickly and on point every time. A great piece of software supported by great people. Thanks!

Douglas C.

Thanks very much for being so detail-oriented. Also as a software support engineer I'm very impressed with the amount of work and the features the product has, frankly I'm blown away that these days there are developers still able to create/maintain such level of workmanship.

Octavian T.

I can't say enough good things about Bombich Software's Carbon Copy Cloner. It does the job of providing a robust backup solution for your Mac in a clean, elegant manner. The documentation is a model of clarity, and serves as an educational repository and resource on the philosophy of backup strategies that greatly enhances one's understanding of the product and its use. But the thing that really makes me sing Bombich's praises is the quality of its customer support. Over the course of three days, I exchanged a number of emails with Mike Bombich, who got back to me with analysis of my CCC log files within a few hours each time. Ultimately, he was able to identify the problem as being due to runaway crash reports from a faulty piece of software, and walk me through the steps necessary to get rid of the issue and assure a clean backup, and to give me some advice on next steps to deal with the disc replacement process. Don't hesitate to get Carbon Copy Cloner if you are in need of a backup solution for your Mac — you won't regret the decision.

Paul M.